Contemporary Worship
Trinity Campus

In order to build a service that fits the needs of our community, we would like to enlist the assistance of our congregation to help define exactly what those needs are, as well as be the hands and feet that actually build the service. Please consider the information below and prayerfully consider whether you are called to this work.

Q: I have heard that this service will be in the evening – is that accurate?

The time of the service will be determined by the launch team in collaboration with the other ministries of our church. The initial groundwork suggests that a Sunday evening service fills a need not currently being met in the community.

Q: What commitment will this entail?

There will be meetings for sure. Exactly how often is not known, but you should prepare for a meeting every couple of weeks. Eventually, you will begin worshiping together prior to the launch. Part of the “work” here is communal fellowship, worship, and prayer – developing a worship community before the launch is important, so beginning to worship together is a crucial step. When the new worship service is launched, we hope that you would strongly consider making that worship service a regular place of worship.

Q: I don’t know anything about creating a worship service – can I really help?

You know much more than you realize! Consider your own worship experience. When have you felt moved by the Holy Spirit? When have you felt bored? When have you said, “I wish we could ______.” Those experiences and thoughts are exactly what we are looking for to help build a service that meets a currently unmet need in our community.

Q: Can I continue to attend my current worship service as well?

Of course – for now, you are just participating in meetings and building community. Even after the service launches, you may want to attend more than one service. The intent here is to provide options and meet the needs of the community, not to drive our congregation to a particular service.

For more information, please contact Rev. Ben Burt (864.214.5402.)