Become a regular at Trinity Campus

Our hope is that 25 members of the Downtown Campus will be willing to make a two-year commitment to the Trinity Campus as your primary expression of Church. That means that you would worship at the Trinity Campus on Sunday mornings, attend Sunday School at Trinity and offer your spiritual gifts in service to help implement BSUMC’s ministries across our larger footprint.

Q: What is the significance of this request – why would we “send” families from one campus to another?

One of the resources we tapped during the transition process was another UMC pastor who has extensive experience in adoption. Jorge Acevedo, Sr Pastor of Grace Church, a multi-site church in FL, has led his congregation through five adoptions. Through consultation, he helped us understand that one of the most significant steps that the “original” campus can take is to offer key members of the congregation to help transplant the essence of what has made us successful. Hearing this, Dr. Howell stepped up to lead us in this initiative, making it a personal goal to encourage 25 members from the downtown campus to make a 2-year commitment to the Trinity Campus.

Q: If I decide to answer this call to the Trinity Campus, can I still attend worship services at the Downtown campus?

Certainly. However, we would ask that you make the 11:00, Sunday morning Traditional Service at Trinity your primary worship service. If there are other services that you would like to attend (i.e. seasonal or other special services) at the Downtown Campus, you would be welcome to enjoy those.

Q: What if there are other programs that I really need to attend at the Downtown campus that are at times adjacent to the 11:00 AM worship service at the Trinity Campus?

Confirmation comes to mind here. Children in the confirmation class are required to attend a certain number of classes on Sunday mornings and evenings. Having a child in the 10:00 AM Confirmation Class would create stress in trying to make it to an 11:00 AM service at Trinity. It may be that this is not the right time for your family to make this commitment – which is completely understandable! If, however, you feel called to this request, we are sure that both the Confirmation leaders and the worship leaders at Trinity would understand leaving early and coming in a bit late.

Q: To which campus should I direct my financial giving?

Good question, and the answer goes to the core of what we are trying to accomplish through this adoption. If you are attending the Trinity Campus, you should offer your financial giving through that campus, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. We are one church, with one budget. Yes, we are tracking revenue and expenses at each campus, but money is not “held” for one campus or the other based on the origination of the revenue. It all goes into the same pot and is allocated through budget line items appropriately.

Q: What about Sunday School Class – I love my Sunday School Class and don’t want to leave them.

Understandable – Sunday School is one of the things that makes BSUMC unique and successful. If you feel that leaving your Sunday School Class would be detrimental to your spiritual life, this may not be the right time for you to take this on. If you do feel like this is the direction God is leading you, however, then you have a great opportunity to help foster growth at the Trinity Campus in the very thing that you value about BSUMC!