Summer Sundays

We are very excited to have an additional opportunity to experience Sunday School together this summer! Beginning June 5, Christian Education is offering a multigenerational Sunday School class in Drake Hall of our Downtown Campus. Come experience discipleship as we discuss the framework of our membership vows. This opportunity will serve as the summer Sunday School program for the Children, Youth, and Bridge Ministries. Adult classes are encouraged and welcome to participate. Summer Sundays will end on July 31. 

Through this opportunity, we hope for a multi-generational 8-week experience where children, youth, and adults share a table together for a time as they explore their thoughts, experiences, and wisdom on the topic of the day. The children will have a separate lesson while the youth and adults will contine further discussion together. 

Below you will find the weekly Summer Sundays lesson with take-home discussions and activities for you to do on your own, with your family, or with your small group. This is a great way to continue the conversation during the week -or- if you missed a Sunday you can do the lesson while you are away. This is a resource for you 1) to continue your family’s spiritual formation during the week, 2) to stay connected with the church if you missed a week, or 3) to take a deeper dive on your own, using the discussion questions as journal/reflection prompts. Each week there is a take-home activity that will always include a way to connect with our Mission and Outreach ministries at BSUMC.

You will find the discussion topics and activities are categorized by age level for easy navigation, but we encourage you not to limit yourself or those in your family by those categories. You may be surprised to find that your elementary-age child is capable of answering a youth-level question. 

Summer Sundays FAQ

What will this class look like?

Round tables would be set up in Drake Hall and light refreshments will be served (much like Wednesday Night Fellowship) for 8 weeks during summer. A different topic will be explored each week through a gathering time led by a presenter, followed by discussion questions and activities at each table. Children in 5K-5th grade stay at the table with the rest of the group for the first part of the discussion and then are brought to a separate area of Drake Hall for a separate lesson. Youth and adults will stay at the main tables and discuss the topic further. Youth can either sit together at tables or choose to sit with their parents or other adults.  Summer Sunday School program would stand in place of traditional children and youth Sunday School.

Who will facilitate this class?

The Christian Education staff will be there every week to facilitate conversation and relationships. There will be weekly takeaways for families and individuals to continue their discipleship at home.

What if I/ my family misses a week? 

The topics have an overall theme, but the lessons do not build on each other in a way that requires consistent weekly participation. This means if you miss a week because of vacation plans, you can come the following week without missing a beat. Speaking of summer travel, this program will be available in a digital format (see above for each week) so that you can participate on your own even if you are out of town. This also makes it easier for visitors and those who do not yet have a Sunday School class to jump in and participate.

What about participation in other Sunday School classes for the duration of the summer? 

It is important to note that no other children, youth, or Bridge program (besides infant/toddler nursery and a pre-K program in the multi-age room ) will be offered parallel to this ministry. We recognize that there are some adult classes with grown children that can easily decide to participate in this program or carry on with their independent class, while other adult classes may need to consider their participation since there will be there no other children or youth classes being held outside of this program.