Spiritual Gifts

Discovering your Spiritual Gifts is a great way to begin to explore how you can best utilize God’s giftings on your life in service of Him. Download the Spiritual Gifts Survey below and follow the instructions to complete the survey. *Helpful Hint* Don’t spend too long on any one statement. Usually your first, gut reaction is pretty accurate. And remember, none of the gifts are “better” than the others. The body has many parts and needs all gifts to function in the best way possible.

Spiritual Gifts Survey

Once you have identified your spiritual gifts, you may need help better understanding what those gifts entail. Below, you will find a downloadable Gift Descriptions document that will explain each gift in greater detail and provide you with relevant scripture references for each. At the bottom of that document, you will also find a list of Ministry Service Areas. When you are ready to start putting your gifts into practice, find a service area you are interested in, and connect with them, letting them know what your spiritual gifts are. This will allow that ministry area to utilize you in a way that best suits your giftings and their needs.

Gift Descriptions and Ministry Service Areas