Morgan Trust Fund

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About the Morgan Trust

The will of Martha Frances Morgan and Elizabeth Morgan established an endowment fund, a part of the yearly interest of which is available to BSMC to be used for:

  • bringing in outstanding Christian ministers and laypersons to the church to lecture and/or teach on true Christian values consistent with the teachings and beliefs of the Methodist Church;
  • developing and managing internal lecture, teaching, and other such educational programs in order to foster, perpetuate, or teach Christian virtues consistent with the teachings and beliefs of the Methodist Church; or
  • compensating existing or new staff members of BSMC to the extent of their involvement in developing, maintaining and managing such programs. The will states that the fund shall not be used for the church’s general administrative or operational guidelines unrelated to such programs.

Instructions for requesting Morgan Trust Funds

  1. Any BSMC ministry leader or committee may submit a request.
  2. Please complete the online form below, writing something in each requested space. This single form is used for all types of requests, so depending on the nature of your particular request, it is possible that not all items on the form may be relevant. If an item is not relevant, then write NA (not applicable). If no funds are requested under a budget subheading, then write $0.
  3. The BSMC Staff Liaison should be the BSMC staff member who has endorsed and will oversee the activity.
  4. All requests must include an evaluation plan. If you will be using the standard Morgan Trust Fund Activity Evaluation Form, then state that in the space provided. The evaluation results must be forwarded to the staff liaison no later than 30 days after the activity has finished.
  5. The Ministries Leadership Team will normally review requests and establish a budget for the Morgan Fund at its February and September meetings. To be considered for review at these times, the completed request form should be submitted by February 1 or September 1.
  6. Completed request forms can be submitted to be reviewed at times other than the September and February deadlines, but the funding of such requests will be at a lower priority than those
    submitted for consideration at the normally scheduled time.
  7. If a request of $1,000 or less is submitted that needs to be reviewed before the next Council meeting (an expedited request), the request will be reviewed in about one week. Funding of such
    expedited requests will not be made at the expense of funds already committed by previously approved requests.
  8. Upon approval of a Fund request by the MLT, a check will be written by the Accounting Department in accordance with the church’s weekly schedule of accounts payable. Any disbursed
    funds unused by the requester will be returned to Accounting within 30 days after the end of the activity.
  9. If you have questions about planning an event or filling out the form, please contact Dr. Justin Gilreath

Morgan Trust Application Form