Prayer Virtual Appointment FAQ’s

1. Why are we launching virtual Prayer Hour?  The BSUMC Prayer Ministry wants to reach out to those who may be suffering during this time of COVID19.

2. How does someone set up a prayer session during the Prayer Hour?  Persons interested in a prayer session send a request to or go to the BSUMC website and click the “need prayer” button. They will include their contact information (email and cell phone) so we can respond to their request.

3. What happens after you visit the BSUMC website or email  A member of the prayer team will respond to the request with an appointment time and instructions for accessing the video/virtual/zoom contact or phone call(if no virtual ability).

4. How long is a prayer session?  All prayer sessions will be limited to 10-15 minutes

5. When will this happen?  Prayer Hour will be every Tuesday between 9-10AM and Thursday between 7-8PM when prayer teams are standing by.

6. Who will be praying for me?  A team of two trained prayer team members will pray confidentially and privately at the scheduled time.