2024 Sisk Foundation Grant Application

Sisk Foundation Grant Guidelines

According to the desires of J. Kelly Sisk, the Sisk Foundation was established in 1985 and has as its mission statement:

Funds disbursed are for aid to the sick, elderly, needy, and addicted in Greenville County, and are to support worthy charities, individuals, and organizations in service to these populations as designated and approved by the Board of Trustees of Buncombe Street Methodist Church. 

In accordance with this mission statement, and in accordance with the decisions previously made by the Sisk Advisory Council, a grant process is conducted annually to disburse available funds with these guidelines:

  1. Sisk funds may be used to grant financial aid to the poor, the ill, the addicted, and the elderly.
  2. Sisk funds granted are in answer to requests for use in Greenville County.
  3. Requests for Sisk funds are reviewed for consideration solely on the basis of their adherence to the mission statement and these guidelines, and availability of funds.
  4. Sisk funds may be used for materials, equipment, and supplies needed for operation of qualifying agencies according to the above mission statement.
  5. The Sisk Foundation does not fund salary requests. The Sisk Foundation does not fund requests for college tuition.
  6. Sisk funds shall not be used for construction materials.
  7. Agencies that receive funding are required to provide a project evaluation and an accounting of funds by December 15 in the year in which funds are granted. Failure to provide this accounting will disqualify the agency from making a grant request in the subsequent year.
  8. Both the Sisk Advisory Council and the Sisk Board of Trustees reserve the right to refuse any grant request.

The Sisk Foundation application will open on January 1, 2024 and close on January 31, 2024.