B-Street Small Groups

Since the start of the church, Christians have gathered in large groups and in small groups for discipleship, fellowship, worship, evangelism, and ministry. (Acts 2: 46-47) Here at Buncombe Street, our goal is to provide new opportunities for people to grow in their faith together. Small Groups are not just traditional Bible studies- they can be anything you want them to be!

Whether through a book study, fellowship group, or even a leisure group, there are so many great ways to connect to others! Each group has a different meeting schedule and is not a replacement for Sunday School, which is a long-standing tradition at Buncombe Street. 

 See below for details on each Small Group for the fall. Registration for these groups opens on August 20, 2023. Groups start the week of  September 10, 2023, unless otherwise noted. 

Small Groups Fall 2023 Handbook

Monday Small Groups

Come and learn as we explore our spiritual gifts, how to apply them, how to build relationships with those in need, and how to pray without ceasing. We will work together to empower each other to serve as Christ's hands and feet in our community, and will explore how to share the message of Jesus through our words and deeds. Where we can - we will lend our hearts and hands! (James 2:18)

Coed Group | All ages | Mondays in Room 115 | 12:45 PM | Leader: Jann McLane

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Join us in Drake Hall on Monday evenings for Pickleball! Play from 5:45 – 8:00 PM. No paddles? No problem! Paddles will be provided if you do not have one. There is no cost to play.

Coed Group | All ages | Mondays on Stubbs Court | 5:45 PM | Leader: Tom Buchanan

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We will study the first season of the hit series, The Chosen. Each Monday, join us as we watch an episode together and discuss it. Each week there will be an optional dinner available after the study.

*This group has a delayed start date and will begin on Monday, September 18

Coed Group | All ages | Mondays in Room 217A | 5:30 PM | Leader: Rob Davis

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Tuesday Small Groups

Join us as we study the book, How To Heal Our Racial Divide, by Derwin Grey. Our goal is to build fellowship and educate, as well as keep abreast of current events as we look for ways to end racism, especially within a church community.

Coed Group | All Ages | Tuesdays via Zoom | 6:30 PM | Leader: Wahid Dennis

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This is an exercise class for seniors of all ages and fitness levels. The group walks (and chats) as well as doing exercises using a full range of muscles with a "do what you can" philosophy.

Coed Group | All Ages | Tuesdays & Thursdays on Stubbs Court | 9:30 AM | Leader: Carolyn Davis

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Wednesday Small Groups

This fellowship group will meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month during the fall for lunch, fellowship and devotions. You can bring a lunch or one will be available for purchase. 

Women's Group  | All Ages | Room 217A | 12:00 PM | Leader: Jennifer Harrill

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Join our small group as we study Priscilla Shirer's Discerning the Voice of God. We will discover the root to clear and daily communications with God. Learn how surrender unlocks His many blessings intended for us, centers us in His will, and helps us discern His voice in everyday life.

Women's Group | 20-30s | Wednesdays in Room 100 | 6:30 PM | Leader: Shaw Castleman

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This group will focus on the challenges men face to live up to the God-given responsibilities that He created for us. The goal of this Tony Evans' study is to be better husbands, fathers, friends, coworkers and leaders in our communities and church family, as He intended.

Men's Group | All Ages | Wednesdays in Room 217A | 7:00 AM | Leader: Luke Varn 

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We all have to choose: the wide road that leads to destruction or the narrow path that leads to life. The third season of the multi-season show, The Chosen, picks up with how Jesus' followers apply His teaching to their lives. In this group, we will watch episodes of season three of The Chosen, and complete weekly assignments prior to discussion time.

Coed Group | All Ages | Wednesdays in Orders Parlor | 10:00 AM | Leader: Judy Mulkey

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If you could gain a working knowledge of any book of the Bible in three months which one would it be? Join us as we study Hebrews: A 12-Week Study (Knowing the Bible) by Matthew Capps. We will work through contextual and historical insights as well as questions for reflection and guides through scripture.

Coed Group | All Ages | Wednesdays in Room 217A | 6:30 PM | Leader: Tim Morrisey

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Join us as we study The Man Code by Dennis Swanberg. This is an easy to understand Bible study on how men can unlock their Christian walk by learning that they are not alone in the struggle. The "code" is simply to apply the principles and open ourselves up on the journey.

Men's Group | All Ages | Wednesdays in Room 114 | 6:30 PM | Leader: Ramsay MacNeill

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Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) is a program led by mothers and designed by mothers with children ages 0-5. It's a place for friendship, authentic community, and support. A MOPS meeting includes practical teaching through speakers, demonstrations, small groups, and videos. Plus, hot coffee, tea, and breakfast! But more importantly, you'll get to have honest conversations with other moms who understand the joys of motherhood.

*there is a membership fee associated with MOPS

Women's Group | All Ages | Every other Wednesday in Room 217A | 9:30 AM | Leader: Tara Haaf

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Thursday Small Groups

Join us as we study the Letters of 1,2, and 3 John, and are challenged to look at contrasting themes such as walking in the light instead of darkness, truth verses lies and deception, loving God more than loving the world, and the meaning of true fellowship and community rather than shallowness. As we work through this study, we will see not only the heart of John, but the heart of Jesus.

Women's Group | All Ages| Every other Thursday in Truluck Room | 10:00 AM | Leader: April Stambaugh

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This is an exercise class for seniors of all ages and fitness levels. The group walks (and chats) as well as doing exercises using a full range of muscles with a "do what you can" philosophy.

Coed Group | All Ages | Tuesdays and Thursdays on Stubbs Court | 9:30 AM | Leader: Carolyn Davis

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Women of all ages are invited to join us as we study Ruth's journey of unbearable loss, redeeming love, and divine legacy.

Women's Group | All Ages | Thursdays in Room 217A | 10:00 AM | Leader: Jane Peden

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Friday Small Groups

Join us on Friday mornings as we discuss the book, Developing a Servant's Heart by Dr. Charles Stanley. In this book, Dr. Stanley shows how each of us have been equipped, empowered, and charged to serve, as we follow the example of Jesus - the Supreme Servant.

Men's Group | All Ages | Fridays - Offsite | 7:00 AM | Leader: Jeff Busby

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We may spend a few hours at church or in a small group each week, but what happens during the other 166 hours of our week? This small group is for men and women in the business world who want to incorporate their Christian faith more fully into every day of their week. Through this video series, we will explore how to uncover opportunities to worship with our work, and how to carry our faith with us past Sunday.

Coed Group | All Ages | Fridays in Room 107 | 7:00 AM | Leader: Jeff Wilson 

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This men's group will study the book, Daniel - Faithful in the Fire, by JD Greear and Victorious Christian Service: Studies in the Book of Nehemiah.

Men's Group | All Ages | Offsite | 7:00 AM | Leader: Wes Few

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