Letting GOD Lead Our Stewardship

We often associate stewardship as a request for money, and money is certainly an essential element. But it is also an honor, blessing, and privilege to give back with the time and talents that have been given to each of us by our Creator. Robbie Walters explained that when he serves, “it feels like God is filling my cup much more than I pour it out.”

Walters, along with Jim Doolittle, Bill Pearson, and Bill Shell, are BSUMC members who are mentors in Miracle Hill’s Overcomers’ program, a Christian addiction treatment program for men.

These BSUMC members stress that the Overcomers’ program has given them an unexpected opportunity to be richly blessed in a very simple and straightforward way and practice stewardship by giving of their time and talents. The program has also allowed them the honor of representing the church and its love to men who have no home church. “By demonstrating the wonders of what a circle of warmth, love, respect, and acceptance of a wholesome church family can do, future giving/stewardship is compounded and is occurring with new church family members,” according to Pearson.

Sometimes, when we seek out ways to serve that we believe our talents and time are made for, we’re not allowing God to demonstrate his power by leading us in ways we never considered. Robbie said of being an Overcomers’ mentor, “I didn’t know I could be used in this way by God. But he kept putting me in circumstances leading me this way.”

“After a long career of working to prevent and bring justice for drug issues on the corporate side, I never imagined I would be working with individuals hurting but rebuilding their lives on the other side of the same national plague,” says Shell. “It has been indescribably more rewarding.”

Doolittle hits the mark precisely. “I’ve found the time I’ve put into mentoring has not been a burden on my schedule after all, and I’ve gotten more out of it than I ever expected or envisioned. You’ll get reacquainted with your faith basics and reexamine what’s important and why. To whom much is given, much is expected, and this is really just one of those right things to do.”

Stewardship can happen in a variety of ways. Through prayer and fellowship, we can discover ways to use our time and talents to bring others to Christ and offer a loving, supportive church to those seeking a place to belong.