Stewardship Frequently Asked Questions

What does God expect from me with regard to stewardship?

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According to scripture, God created Earth for mankind and we are to be stewards of God’s creation. This means it is our responsibility to look after and take care of this world. We should accept this responsibility and use our gifts to glorify God, and in turn, our relationship with God will be strengthened. Stewardship is about recognizing God’s work in our lives and responding to God with gratitude.

What is the relationship between stewardship and the church budget?

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Giving to God is giving to His kingdom, and not about giving to the church’s needs or budget. The church is a vehicle for accomplishing the work of God. It is we, the Body of Christ, who accomplish His work through our giving. We give through the church, not to the church. We are called to use all that God has given us in service to others.

What concrete steps can I take to become a better steward? Where do I start?

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A first step is to read your Bible and learn what the Bible has to say about Stewardship. Secondly, study the church’s “Principles of Stewardship”, which includes seven biblically-based beliefs and standards, which as a member of Buncombe Street Methodist Church, we are expected to honor throughout of lives. Thirdly, identify the gifts with which God has blessed each one of us. To help identify your spiritual gifts, the church offers an online survey. Take the survey and learn how to use your gifts of time, talent, and treasure. The church provides a number of service opportunities and channels for financial giving. Our gifts can become instruments with which we express our love for God.

Isn’t stewardship all about giving money to the church and to other charities?

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Stewardship is sometimes mistaken for fundraising. Stewardship, unlike fundraising, is not about the church budget or paying for a new addition to the church building, it’s about recognizing God’s work in our lives and responding to God with gratitude. The truth is, God doesn’t want our money, he wants us. He wants our hearts not our money. And the heart of the matter is love.

Why is it important to complete a pledge card?

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Annual giving supports everything we do and are at Buncombe Street Methodist Church. Your gifts of time, talent and treasure are spent on all aspects of our worship, outreach, and community support and engagement. Together we have affected, in ways both large and small, the lives of the people both within and beyond the walls of this church. Through the community nurtured by your gifts, we have equipped and empowered countless individuals and families To Be and To Make Disciples of Christ.

What is Consecration Sunday?

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Consecration is the act of setting apart, to make special, and to make holy. Consecration Sunday at Buncombe Street Methodist Church is Sunday, October 27, 2019. At this special time, the church will ask members to bring their annual pledges of time, talent and treasure to the altar, dedicating their gifts to glorify God, recognizing God’s work in their lives and responding in gratitude.