October 20, 2020

Consecration Sunday – a Spiritual Perspective

November 15 is Consecration Sunday. Consecration is the action of making or declaring something sacred. On this special Sunday in November, you are encouraged to place your pledge in the offering plate during the worship service of your choice for the consecration of your time, talent, and financial commitments.

Our church approaches financial stewardship from a biblical perspective, viewing the gifts of time, talent, and financial contributions, not a means to offset or pay bills. Rather, the church views stewardship as a way to help us grow spiritually in our relationship with God. Consecration Sunday is based on a spiritual perspective.

Stewardship is the surrender to Him of all that we have been given. Jesus calls us to use our gifts in ways that will honor and glorify Him. The sharing of our time, talent and treasure defines us as true believers and followers of Jesus Christ and will lead us to the abundant life that He has promised.

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