March 11, 2020

Building Access and Admin Lobby Guidelines

Effective March 11, 2020

To tighten security at our Downtown campus, new procedures have been implemented. Updates will be provided as technology upgrades occur and procedures change.
1. EXTERIOR doors are LOCKED*. Access via key card.
2. ADMIN Lobby Entrance (211 College St) is the primary entrance*. Open during normal business hours. Normal Business hours are Monday-Thursday 8AM-5PM and Friday 8AM-1PM.
3. INTERIOR doors: Doors to Sisk Hall and to the 1st floor Main Hall from the ADMIN Lobby are LOCKED*. Access via key card.
4. Wanda Arnold is coordinating key card re-certification/re-keying for CDC cards. Debbie Friddle is coordinating key card re-cert/re-key for church members and staff.

New procedures:
1. Sign-in: New procedure: EVERYONE must sign-in AND sign-out at the Reception Desk in the ADMIN lobby. **
2. Key card check-out: New procedure: Church staff/ministry leader may check out a keycard from the receptionist to facilitate access to meetings.
3. Staff/ministry leader will coordinate access to the building and to meeting areas when doors are locked. During normal office hours, the receptionist will provide access thru interior doors and/or escort visitors to meeting rooms.

* Exterior and Interior doors will be unlocked/open on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and for large events.
**Sign-in is NOT required for CDC or when all doors are open.

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