October 11, 2021

Amplify Media: Now available!

We are very excited to offer Amplify Media* as our new multimedia streaming platform. Amplify features thousands of videos that can be used for study, reflection, worship and inspiration. Think of it as a Christian Netflix! Amplify has videos that can be used in small groups, Bible studies, and, of course, in your own personal faith journey. You can access all these videos anytime and on almost any device. Amplify has materials for adults, youth and children.

To register and sign in to the BSUMC Amplify website, please follow the steps below.

  1. Visit our custom Amplify website here.
  2. Enter the BSUMC Access Code: ZSMXLN
  3. Fill in your personal information / create account
  4. Enjoy!

We now have Roku streaming devices for Amplify use in all Sunday School classrooms in the Downtown campus. Please contact Cathy Musselwhite with any troubleshooting or any questions.




*Amplify Media will be replacing Right Now Media. If you are currently a user of RightNow media, please be aware that the church will be closing their account by November 30.

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